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LABORATOIRES L’ESTHÉTIC developed a new range of monophasic anti wrinkles fillers and skin boosters. Thanks to the breakthrough SRHA (Smooth Rheology Hyaluronic Acid) technology, these products are used for treating deep or superficial wrinkles, volume and for lips augmentation. Made of very pure and smooth hyaluronic acid and 100% produced in France, DERMHAGE is composed of four different references which can remodel each part of your face. 

LABORATOIRES L’ESTHÉTIC created the first line of dermal fillers exclusively for women and men. 
Men’s interest in anti-aging and beauty treatment has been increasing. Facial masculinization makes a man more confident in himself. 
Studies have show that men are seeking a more masculine look, which includes: defined cheekbones, prominent jawline, straight nose, well projected chin. 


Natural, highly concentrated non cross linked HA (12mg/ml), improves hydratation and skin firmness. Acts as a skin booster. Indicated in the prevention of aging signs. 

Recommended treatment zones : Face / Neck / Décolleté / Back of hands / Upper arms / Elbows 


DERMHAGE FULLFACE is a universal filler improving moderate lines and wrinkles in all facial areas. 

Recommended treatment zones : Oral commisures / Marionettes lines / Nasolabial folds / Glabellar lines / Forehead furrows


DERMHAGE LIPS enhances lips volume and makes them more glossy. Also efficient for fine lines around the mouth. 


DERMHAGE VOLUME restores facial contours and fights deep wrinkles and folds. Very efficient for facial volume creation. 

Recommended treatment zones : Cheeks / Nasolabial folds / Chin / Marionettes Lines / Facial depression / Nose 

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